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Kim Yeo Beauty Academy

is committed in providing the best and highest quality of education in the field of Semi-Permanent Makeup.

Using the latest professional standards and the same efficient teaching methods as Korea, our curriculum and special techniques equip our students with practical skills, good knowledge and confidence. 

Classes are conducted personally by Kim Yeo. She dedicates herself to provide a comprehensive training for each and every student in a meticulous, patient, detailed and professional manner, ensuring that every student can strive and do well.

Embroidery is a skill which requires a huge amount of time and numerous practices to be able to excel.

You will be learning useful knowledge and information that would equip yourself with the necessary skills to be a professional.

You’ll benefit from the highest standard of training, with a maximum of 2-4 students per class in a small size environment.

Kim will provide after-course support and provide refresher course and supportive guidance for all graduates.

We’re here to help you every step of the way and provide the best head start to your career.

Upon completion of the course, and by having to prove to have competency in all tasks of professional certification standard level, students will be awarded with a professional in-house certificate.


eyebrow architecture fundamental course

Kim Yeo Beauty Academy offers an exclusive

5-days intensive training in Eyebrow Architecture Fundamental Course. It involves intensive hands-on learning and theoretical studies. You will learn different styles of eyebrow tattoo applications - including microblading, manual shading, and manual ombre/powder effects.


This 5 Days Eyebrow Architecture Fundamental Course is designed to ensure every student is trained to become a skilled and confident Cosmetologist who is competent to practice Semi-Permanent Makeup procedures professionally.

(Coming soon)

Are you ready for the next level? Check out our advanced courses for students who have already completed the required prerequisite classes through the 5-days Eyebrow Architecture Fundamental Course.

EYEBrow Embriodery

Eyebrow Embroidery Services-


A pair of wonderfully sculpted eyebrows can make you look graceful, more energetic and even improve the symmetry of your facial outline.

We provide visualisation of ideal shape and design of your eyebrows customised to your face shape & needs from an aesthetically correct angle.

To create a natural eyebrow look, we create realistic fine hair strokes design using a combination of the latest technique - microblading, feathering and/or microshading techniques to correct and enhance your existing brows to look more neat and natural from all different angles. We will use the best suited technique to fill in eyebrows that are empty or sparsely, three-dimensionally expressed just like real eyebrows as it is drawn strand by strand as lines along the shape of eyebrows. To further enhance more natural and defined brows, 6D techniques creates more natural lighter strokes.


Semi Permanent Makeup - also known as Micropigmentation - is a long lasting solution for makeup application.

We can add colour to your eyes -




Small dots placed along the lash line to give the appearence of more fuller, thicker lashes. 

Hairline embroidery

Our hairline embroidery is designed perfected to give you the perfect full hairline by applying hairline strokes and shading giving a fuller hair line effect. On the whole outlook it gives a fuller-looking  hair, face-slimming and a more youthful look.

LIP Embriodery

Our lip liner will define your lips and help even out a mis-shapen pout. We choose the colour together as part of the consultation, draw on a guideline and work to give you a 2-3 mm lip line around the lips. This is great for lipstick lovers. 



If your looking for a really natural result which allows you to create a fuller volume lip try the lip liner and blush. We choose a colour which is lines around the lip, then slowly shaded and 'blushed' into the lip. 


Having close to 8 years of experience and expertise in the beauty and cosmetology industry, Kim is known for her remarkable skills and knowledge in eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, hairline embroidery in the Semi-permanent makeup field. Awarded by LAJU Korean Academy, Kim is one of the top students who graduated with top recognition. Using painless eyebrow embroidery technique to achieve the most natural brow results.

Borned and raised in Vietnam, Kim ventured out as an entrepreneur at a very young age. Kim started out as a Professional Bridal makeup artist and has gained a vast amount of followers on her Facebook page. Kim went on to attend a specialised micro-pigmentation master class in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 months. After practicing and having gain more confidence in her work, Kim flew to Korea to attend the prestigious LAJU Korean Academy. Renowned for her keen sense of aesthetic and beauty, Kim is always seeking to learn the latest trend and develop new skills in the beauty industry. 

Kim have been diligently keeping up with her knowledge and skills since her initial training in Korea and Thailand. She often travel to and fro Korea for upgrading her skills at advanced master classes and stocking up of her pigmentation products. She only seeks the best quality materials.

Having acquired valuable skills and a vast range of experience from a combination of her well-established business, great reputation and overseas master classes, Kim offers unique micro-blading technique and strokes patterns. Kim prioritizes and value customer’s satisfaction. Kim guarantees a painless and natural-looking semi-permanent makeup techniques.






Mobile: + 65 8189 3384

Address: The Promenade @ Pelikat. 

183 Jalan Pelikat, B1-47, Singapore

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